Tuesday, 27 April 2010

30 Years Ago In The Evening Star (Dunedin)

MONDAY JANUARY 22, 1979 - Evening Star, Dunedin

CHAMPION of Dunedin’s trolley buses, Mr Warrington Taylor, has pleaded once again on their behalf to city councillors, asking that overhead wires on the discontinued Opoho-Shiel Hill route be retained.

‘‘We need to keep the facilities when a crisis is looming and these wires are good for another 20 years or so,’’ he said.

The council wants to remove the wires because they are considered visual pollution. It has 13 trolley buses in running order. Only seven are in use on the St Clair-Normanby route and Mr Taylor wants the other six kept in reserve.

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  1. What a marvellous man to leave such a positive and warm impression amongst children and his son-in-law. Please take it as a continuation of his trolley bus campaign that I have linked the brilliantly clear photo above, to my own web blog "NZ in Tranzit" to help illustrate a semi-amusing and poignant story of how one was taken for restoration 37 years ago! David Welch